Sawnie Morris

Sawnie Morris is an award-winning poet, prose writer, and professional environmental activist –as well as a dreamworker – with over twenty years of teaching experience. Her teaching and coaching approach is that of a grounded ecstatic, whose love of language and the poetic traditions serve to inspire and liberate, while her knowledge of craft empowers others to discover and express their own truths -all within a respectful and supportive atmosphere. 

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Her_Infinite_COVER_400W“A polyvocal, strident book of immense intelligence, Her, Infinite refuses the fatalistic disharmony between humans and nature. What issues forth in Sawnie Morris’s innovative poems is a ceremony of tantalizing music, utterly practical and feminine.  Her lines achieve a splendid naturalness that vegetates her own lively freedoms. Against both psychic and industrial defilement of our mountains and rivers, lagoons and mesas, hearts and minds, these poems are sacramental such that language is alluvial and explosive, recovering us back to our spiritual significance.”

 Major Jackson, Author of Roll DeepHoops, and Holding Company; poetry editor, Harvard Review; Guggenheim recipient; finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award and the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Literature

Her, Infinite, 2016
New Issues Poetry Award
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“A deep-earth-grumble is never far off in Sawnie Morris’s poems, nor is the restlessness of her neighbor, the Río Grande. Morris’s soul is not a substance made of metaphysical cotton, but earthly, emotional, erotic. She writes with a confident clean spare elegance that is at the same time haunted and magical; it is all her own.”

– Calvin Bedient, poet, critic, professor emeritus at UCLA, co-editor of Lana Turner: A Journal of Poetry and Opinion, and founding editor of the New California Poetry Series


©Lana Turner; A Journal of Poetry and Opinion
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“I don’t know but trust in something ancient’ Sawnie Morris tells us – an ancient presence that reverberates through an impassioned litany of elegy, incantation, hymn, humor, eros, invocation, and dream – as well as journalism’s report…lucid perception becomes enlarged experience, and a phenomenology of the sacred as female divine rewhirls the lyric in the life of creature, Nature, air, and  Earth.”

 ‘Annah Sobelman, Author of The Tulip Sacrament (Wesleyan University Press) and In the Bee Latittudes (New California Poetry Series)


The Sound A Raven Makes, 2006
New Mexico Book Award



Sawnie Morris, 2015

“Sawnie Morris’ poetry sings in the tongues and dialects of space, like a lighthouse in the desert. The incantation, the verse, navigating the deep inward, the hard flight further. Illuminations from the journeyed tempest of a wild calm. When life brings us poetry, this is what should be made of it!”

– Levi Romero, New Mexico Centennial Poet, Author of A Poetry of Remembrance: New and Rejected Works (University of New Mexico Press) and Sagrado: A Photopoetics Across the Chicano Homeland