Sawnie Morris is a teacher and coach. 

She has twenty years of experience inspiring writers..

  • to discover and develop their own individual voice and style
  • to expand their knowledge of craft and the poetic tradition
  • to deepen their relationship to writing as a practice.

 My approach is grounded in a love of language, an intimate knowledge of craft and the poetic tradition, and writing as an engaged and routine practice in which we show up fully on the page.

Sawnie takes writers to the next level in their writing, via

  • workshops
  • consultations
  • coaching
  • editing
  • dream work

  Writing, when it isn’t ecstatic bliss, is hard work. No one should have to do it all alone all of the time!

Sawnie’s workshops and individual consultations meet through

  • online venues
  • phone and conference calling
  • her private studio, located in Taos, New Mexico
  • writers’ conferences and universities
  • neighborhood bookstores and coffee shops

Contact her and take advantage her talents as an award-winning poet, essayist, dream worker, teacher, and coach.