Read Sawnie’s poem “Clothespins on the Line” in the April, 2017 issue of  Poetry.


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Review of Her, Infinite by Will Barnes, 

Lana Turner: A Journal of Poetry & Opinion 2016


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Sawnie on “How We Spend Our Days,” a lit blog, for which she was invited to write about one day in her life as a poet during winter, 2016-2017. 

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Events-Sawnie’s Workshops and Readings



Interview with Sawnie Morris, conducted by Nikki Kayser on Metro Arts, KGNU radio, Boulder, Colorado. October 28, 2016.

( Correction: Kayser quotes Major Jackson and the quote is misattributed to the Harvard Review. Jackson is the Poetry Editor of the Harvard Review, but the quote was made in Jackson’s role as judge for the 2015 New Issues Press Poetry Prize, awarded to Sawnie Morris for Her, Infinite. )

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Events -Sawnie’s Workshops and Readings

At the Collected Works Muse X2 Reading, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Left to right: Dana Levin, Peter Streckfus-Green, Sawnie Morris, Carol Moldaw, Heather Green 

Events -Sawnie’s Workshops and Readings

Taos Chamber Music Concert: I Conversed with You in a Dream (a collaborative performance)

Sawnie looking out the window when she was supposed to be bowing, with pianist Debra Ayers and musical director & flutist Nancy Laupheimer. 

Events -Sawnie’s Workshops and Readings

Sawnie and Brian arrive at the Mable Dodge Lujan House for the spring 2016 book release, reading, and reception for Her, Infinite. Tra-la!

Events -Sawnie’s Workshops and Readings



Book release for Her, Infinite.  Taos, New Mexico, Mable Dodge Lujan House.

Paintings by Brian Shields





Book signing for Her, Infinite.

Paintings by Brian Shields





1 of 2 celebratory cakes (the other was carrot!) served at the reception for Her, Infinite, along with flutes of champagne, for toasting  ~

Poem for a Toast: READ



Her, Infinite.
Taos, New Mexico, Mable Dodge Lujan House.

Paintings by Brian Shields.




“Studying with Sawnie is a wonderful learning experience! Her dedication, commitment, and teaching skills restored my confidence and carried me forward to a whole new level in my abilities as a writer.” – Lillian Silva






Participants at the Summer Poem-A-Day Week-Long Poetry Writing Workshop, Ranchos de Taos, NM.