Permian Basin Writers’ Workshop

  • Dates: Monday, January 18 – March 4th
  • Times: an online workshop
  • Host:  Sponsored by the Rananim Project: an online writers’ community of the University of New Mexico, in connection with the D.H. Lawrence Ranch

Description:  Each of us at any given moment has a poem coiled at the center of our lives, a story that must be told. What that story is or how it is revealed may appear to shift, but the story is always there, at times urgent under pressure, at other times rising as quietly and mysteriously as mist from the pond of our being. During this 8 week workshop we will plumb the depths for that which only the letting loose of words on the page can reveal. Our focus will be on writing narrative poems based on what Galway Kinnell termed, “the intimate personal experience of a life” – allowing each of our individual voices and concerns to spring into shape from the concert of heart, mind, and body, with an ear to the music – however subtle – that is intrinsic to poetic dimension. We’ll read the narrative poems of a range of exciting contemporary poets, as well as insightful prose pieces on craft, and we’ll participate in routine peer discussions – all of which will provide us with inspiration and guidance on the way to writing as many poems as our muse allows and our spirits dare. While writers at all levels of experience can benefit, this workshop is primarily designed for beginning and intermediate poets who wish to expand their range of expression and knowledge of craft, while generating new poems and having fun.


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